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New Job "Issues"

March 23rd, 2008 at 08:14 am

New jobs always come with "issues" don't they? I hesitate to use the word "issues" in this case because it sounds so negative, when really I just have "things that need to be worked out."

1. Auto Deposit: Friday was my first payday for my new job. I signed up for auto deposit. No deposit yet. Probably just a glitch somewhere, something that I need to get worked out either with my bank or the payroll department. Glad I wasn't desperately waiting for that money to pay bills!

2. To Buy or Not to Buy a 2nd Car? DH just returned from a business trip, so tomorrow will be the start of my needing to get to work every weekday and us having only 1 car. Taking the bus is not an option (the nearest bus stop that goes to my office is 70% of the way to work, so no point in driving that far and not driving all the way in, and I haven't been able to find a carpool. [Parking is free BTW.] As far as I'm concerned, the pay for the job does not justify the cost of a 2nd car, not to mention the fact that it's temp work, so I don't want to buy a 2nd car just because of this job. The distance from home is so far that it doesn't make sense for DH to drive me every day. I've suggested that we try something like I drive myself 3 days a week, and 2 days a week DH drive me in & pick me up so that he can have the car for golf, errands, etc. We are probably just delaying the inevitable of buying a 2nd car eventually, but I do still want to delay it as long as possible. We'll see how it goes ... Hopefully being home without a car (and unable to go hit balls at the driving range) won't be too hard on DH.

3. Clothes = Not Want or Need but "Kinda Sorta Ought to Get"???: I think we need a word for something that is neither a want nor a need but something in-between. I could really use some new clothes for this new job. I have never been what you'd call a clothes horse ... sssh, it's a secret, but DH has always had at least twice as many clothes as me! Smile For a long time I worked in the corporate world, then when I owned my own business the "dress code" (or lack of) was very very casual. Prior to our move, not knowing what would work in the new climate or what type of work I would be getting in to, I did things like let my one remaining pair of tennis shoes wear down to where there were holes in the bottom of the soles, then I just tossed them before we moved. [Didn't buy replacements as it would mean one more thing to move.] Now I'm working in a casual office environment, where the corporate suits don't work and the super casual clothes might not get me fired but probably wouldn't enhance my rep either. I do have enough clothes that fit in to the "in-between" world and work in this much warmer climate where I don't actually NEED to buy new clothes(I could keep wearing the same things over and over if I honestly did not have the money to buy anything new), and I don't like clothes shopping or spending money unnecessarily so I certainly don't WANT new clothes. However, it probably would be a good idea to buy a few more pieces so that I can have a bit more variety in my wardrobe, don't end up wearing the same things over & over, and don't have to panic if the laundry doesn't get done right on schedule. [Although this work is temporary, I should have recurring temp assignments in the same work environment.] I do have the money to buy clothes, and haven't bought any for such a long time, that there's really nothing to stop me other than my dislike for clothes shopping.

Well ... I went ahead and made a list of what I could buy that would add the most variety to my wardrobe, and I've come up with a shopping strategy (hit Goodwill first, then a consignment store where I'm going to sell some things as well as look for some new for myself, and finally the clearance rack at a couple retail stores). I'm going to try to find a day when I have enough time and energy to get everything I "need/want/???" in one day. Just get it over with!

Today is one of those days ... I have the time and energy ... But glory halleluiah many stores are closed because of Easter so I have a reprieve until at least next weekend!

3 Responses to “New Job "Issues"”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    It's funny but I guess accountants as a whole tend to be frugal. The people in my office are happy to wear the same thing every day/week. I try to buy a couple of new nice outfits every spring though so my clients don't think I never buy new clothes. Which is fine, not a big splurge. Though buying new once every 2 or 3 years is fine, I can rotate through the old stuff.

    But I was just thinking you'd probably be fine with what you have. Though I guess you never know. You might get assigned somewhere where they are disgusted by your few outfits. I guess you just never know.

    Anyway, it is so funny because I clearly like to buy clothes and I think my coworkers all imagine I spend hundreds monthly or something. I SO don't. LOL. More than I should, but it doesn't take much to spice up a wardrobe. Everyone knows I want new clothes for birthday/christmas (or gift cards to the department stores) and goodwill is my friend. So I find it funny when people assume I pay retail (or 5 times as much for my clothes?) Just funny.

    Plus I wear my pants and shoes until they are in shreds, and just buy a lot of cute tops. IT's the frugal way to change it up. I mean my wardrobe is kind of pathetic. Only one pair of jeans generally, etc. I only have 2 pairs of pants for work that really fit well. But I can pull out an old top I haven't worn in years (tend to keep things forever) and everyone will assume I was out shopping again. Wink
    Good Luck!

  2. sillyoleme Says:

    Aren't work clothes a pain? When I was at my last job, I had to buy a few pairs of black/grey dress pants & dress shirts, because we had to be "business casual" every day (even though it was often only me and the boss, lol). Now since I've switched jobs, I have to wear khakis with my uniform shirt, which I had exactly ZERO of when I moved here! I ended up going to Walmart and buying two pairs, two different sizes, and I didn't realize that one was for "short" people! But they were much cheaper than going anywhere else, and so plain that I don't think anyone notices that I wear the same two pair!

    Also, the "short" pair is a bigger size around the waist, so it all kind of evens out!

    I have to watch what I buy for work though, because I really like to shop in general for clothes. Having a dress code keeps it simple, but I often wish I could just go buy a few new shirts, especially when I'm at that point of looking in my closet before going out with my BF, and thinking, "where are all those clothes I've bought?"

    It's hard too when you have friends that are CONSTANTLY shoppping, I mean, sometimes I will go to the mall with them just to look around and see if there are any deals, or just eat at the Food Court, but they always purchase something. To top it all off, they both work part-time, and have car payments, and they're still in college. I guess that is where generous parents come in!

  3. Amber Says:

    The deposit may just be a delay, it wasn't until the second pay period that my check was deposited. In regards to work the clothes, I agree it is a pain. Hopefully I will have a summer intern, and I have been buying little pieces here and there so that I do not have to buy all at once
    Good luck

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