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Suze Orman "Women & Money" Book Club

March 24th, 2007 at 08:55 am

Look what is already available on-line! Spiegel & Grau was kind enough to come up with Reading Group Discussion questions for this book (they are posted at http://www.readinggroupguides.com/guides3/women_and_money1.asp#discuss). We could use these questions as the basis for our on-line book club (but of course we could discuss other things from the book as well).

So, for those of you interested in joining an on-line book club to discuss Suze's book, 2 questions:

1. Where should the book club discussion be posted, in a blog or on the forums? [My opinion is the forums would be better as I think more people access those.]

2. At what pace should the book be covered? [I was thinking maybe 7 weeks, 1 week for Chapters 1-5, then 5 weeks for the 5 steps of the Save Yourself Plan in Chapter 6, and 1 week for Chapters 7 & 8. But again, that's just my opinion and it may be too fast or too slow.]

1 Responses to “Suze Orman "Women & Money" Book Club”

  1. Amber Says:

    definately in the forums

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