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Urban Farm Visit

February 15th, 2013 at 05:21 pm

Bought some nice little "food splurges" from an urban farm in my area today:
Big bunch of golden beets ($3)
Huge bunch of broccoli florets ($5)
Half-dozen free range eggs ($3)
1-lb Longhorn hamburger ($8)

Total spend: $19

The hamburger is from a place less than an hour away. The veggies and eggs are produced on-site.

The prices are on the high side, but the food is delicious! DH had one of the eggs this evening and we both had some of the broccoli, and it is so fresh & much more flavorful than what we get at the supermarket. Tomorrow we will have oven-roasted beets. (The hamburger is in the freezer for later.)

I am NOT a Locavore. The whole "shop local" movement is just not my cup of tea. But I'm happy to support a small farmer once in awhile, and I enjoy learning about what is grown in my area. And of course we enjoy fresh local food products for the YUM factor.

Well, that was my weekend splurge. Do you have any planned?

Tax Returns Done

February 13th, 2013 at 06:59 pm

I prepare my brother's tax return as well as my own household's. All returns are now completed. I still need to transfer money to DH's SEP IRA and our Roths (we always wait until the return is completed), and mail in our federal return. Yup - Just like creditcardfree, I have to use snail mail this year. According to Turbo Tax it's because of Form 8889, distributions from an HSA but no contributions. (No contributions this year because I started getting medical insurance from my employer spring 2011 so we no longer have a HDHP making us ineligible to contribute.) It feels good to scratch this fairly big financial task off of the "To Do" list!

The Cost of Fruit (aka the "high" cost of healthy eating)

February 2nd, 2013 at 03:21 pm

Bought 3 kinds of fruit today at the neighborhood HEB.

Bananas: 48 cents per lb ... 80 cents for 5 bananas = 16 cents per banana

Grapefruit: "small" (weighing just under 1 lb each!) @ 3 for $1 = 17 cents for half of a heavy, juicy grapefruit

Organic Gala Apples: $2.98 for a "2-lb" bag that actually weighed 2.3 lbs ... 9 apples in the bag = 33 cents per apple

Bananas are a staple in my house. I like to have one each morning. I chose the grapefruit because it's grapefruit season here in Texas (lucky us). And when organic apples go on sale, I usually buy a bag.

Not gourmet or trendy choices for sure. Pretty basic stuff. But "really expensive" or unhealthy? Naw ...

What does a candy bar cost these days?