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Pre-Laundering Stain Treatment

January 31st, 2010 at 06:40 am

My clothes washer is washing our sheets right now. DH's pillowcase had a small blood stain on it. Before starting the wash I treated the stain as I have for 99.9% of my adult life: I measured my regular laundry detergent in to the cup, got the stained area wet (use COLD water for blood), poured a little bit of detergent on the stain, rubbed the fabric together with my hands, did a quick rinse (again use COLD water), repeated these steps one more time, and the stain was gone.

I have owned one bottle of special stain treatment stuff in my life. I bought it during an especially busy time in my life, thinking it would make doing laundry a bit easier. It didn't. In fact the case could be made that using my tried-and-true method is faster since I don't have to take a special bottle down from the cupboard, open it, close it, and put it back (and remember to buy it when it runs low).

And while I haven't done an ounce-for-ounce comparison, I KNOW that using plan old laundry detergent is cheaper than using a specialized product.

This post is not just about treating laundry stains. It's about questioning whether you really need a specialized product that a manufacturer has done a great job selling you on, or whether an everyday (less expensive) product would work just as well. For the newly-frugal, as you go about your daily routine today, why not ask yourself: "Do I really need this product? Does it really make my life easier and save me enough time to make it worth the extra cost? Or is there another less-expensive product that I already own that could work just as easily and well?"


January 27th, 2010 at 06:00 pm

The revolving door at "chateau scfr" continues to spin.

My mom came & stayed with us for 8 days. She loved Austin and the house, and I really enjoyed showing her the sights. Went to the LBJ Museum, day trip to Fredericksburg, Umlauf Sculpture Gardens, day trip to San Anotonio, and AMOA Laguna Gloria. We dined on gorditos at Haberno Cafe, noshed on German food in Fredericksburg, and chowed down Texas BBQ at the Salt Lick.

In between DH's family's stay & mom's visit, 2 of DH's business clients came for short stays. (And there are more coming soon!)

Oh the joys of having a new home in a city people are curious about ...

A tiny bit of financial news: I finally sold my "junk" gold, a very thin broken necklace & a man's pinkie ring that for some inexplicable reason DH's mother had given me several years ago (it was used) and I don't wear. Got $200. But I also decided to use the same jeweler the replace a clasp on a broken necklace I found on the sidewalk; that cost me $30, so I really only netted $170 + a necklace. The necklace is a silver one from Tiffany, worth approx $300 from what I can see on-line, and I like it, so decided to fix it up and keep it. Lest you worry about my integrity, I DID post a notice about finding the necklace on our HOA's web site, and left it up there for 2 months waiting for the owner to claim it. They never did.