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Grocery Prices

March 15th, 2009 at 07:18 am

Has anyone else noticed grocery prices coming down a wee bit?

While the "HEB Banana Price Index" is holding steady at 49-cents per lb, I have noticed actual price CUTS on some items.

While everyone would agree that food is a "need," I am one of those people who mentally separates grocery items as to whether they are "more on the need side" vs. "more on the want side." That way, when I buy grocery items that are "more on the want side" of the equation, I know I'm making a little splurge and I realize that I'm treating myself, even if I'm not running to Starbucks or the manicurist. It's a way to get genuine pleasure from a relatively simple thing.

This past week, I've been able to treat DH & myself at the grocery store with the following purchases that are very much wants and not needs, and in some cases are things that we have not bought for quite a long time:

- A box of Bagelfuls (DH loves them) for $2 --- I used to wait until they were on sale for $2 or less. HEB has cut their price and this is now the regular price. You should have seen DH's eyes light up when I came home and told him.

- A carton of Tropicana for $1.99 (w/ Target coupon) ... And I see that Randall's has it on sale this week for $1.97 with coupon, so I'll probably be buying a 2nd carton. Wow! As much as we appreciate our usual OJ from concentrate (it has nutritional value, tastes good, and the price is right), honestly we do love Tropicana. What a nice splurge!

- 5 Lean Cuisine entrees (Spa Selections Butternut Squash Ravioli w/ Veggies ... my favorite) + Carton of Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches for $10 (This was one of HEB's Combo Deals). The frozen entrees will be a very nice treat for lunch at work, instead of my usual almond butter sandwich. And the ice cream sandwiches are a treat any way you look at them!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, and I hope everyone is able to enjoy some frugal treats in the week ahead!

Honey, I Miss You When You're Out of Town, But ...

March 4th, 2009 at 04:56 pm

It sure is nice sometimes to just eat whatever I want for dinner! As long as it doesn't break the grocery budget and offers nutritional value, who cares if it only takes 3 minutes to prepare and 30 seconds to do the wash-up?

Tonight's menu? A green salad, egg whites nuked in the microwave (seasoned w/ Costco's store brand equivalent of "Mrs. Dash" and Kraft Parmesan Cheese), and Kashi frozen waffles topped with organic wild blueberries!

Martha Stewart I definitely ain't. But I am happy, full, don't have to deal with dishes this evening (I'm off to watch Lost guilt-free), and have managed to whip the grocery budget back in to shape during DH's absence.

The House We Did Not Buy

March 2nd, 2009 at 03:28 pm

The bank owned house that both DH & I really liked has sold ... to another couple. While we were pondering how much to offer (and deciding if we really did want to make an offer), we found out that another couple was planning to put in an offer, and that they brought the same things to the table that we do (cash buyers, able to close quickly). We decided to back off because we refuse to get involved in anything that hints of a bidding war. We're waiting to find out what the house sold for ... that knowledge will be useful when we do finally make an offer, especially if it is in the same neighborhood. And even if we don't end up buying in the same neighborhood, we will at least learn how much "wiggle room" there is in that one particular bank's list prices. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the process moved from first offer to mutual acceptance ... sounds like banks at least that one particular bank has sped up it's processing of offers.

As DH said, we keep finding better and better houses at better and better deals, so ... onward!