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Half.com - Wow!

June 13th, 2007 at 07:14 pm

After averaging 2 or 3 books a week for months, I suddenly sold 6 books in the last 2 days! And I know wyozozo and koppur have been getting good book sales as well. Anyone know what's going on with half.com? Have they been advertising? Sending out subliminal messages? Or is it just that the only stuff on TV right now is crap, so everyone's hitting the books harder than usual (as I have been doing)?

Whatever is going on, I hope it keeps up. And if anyone has been waiting to list books, I'd say jump in and do it!

4 Responses to “Half.com - Wow!”

  1. wyozozo Says:

    I know what you mean!! I'm not complaining either!! I sold 2 in one day and one was a more expensive book. I listed it for 11.99. I'm very pleased. It nice having those automatic deposits into my "gift" checking account.

    Glad your books are selling too.

  2. koppur Says:

    I think a lot of people are tocking up fo summer reads for vacations and the beach. Sales seem to pick up in the summer, then in the dead of the winter again when it is cold and nobody wants to go out. Whoo-hoo!

  3. Maismom Says:

    I just ordered a book for my daughter's summer reading. I'm sure many parents are doing the same as kids are out of school.

  4. fairy74 Says:

    Yes, I noticed that too, I think koppur and maismom are right! I'm just happy about it! Extra 38.00 this week to evil student loan monster---woohoo!

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