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Dog Expen$e$

July 19th, 2007 at 06:06 pm

The pooch's 4+ year old harnass busted when he lunged at a bicyclist (tsk, tsk) so my DH went to Petsmart and bought one of the "Gentle Leader" ones for $25 plus tax. It makes me cringe paying full retail, but this is one of those times when I want to get a replacement immediately, instead of waiting for something I find cheaper on-line to show up.

Tomorrow same poochie is getting his teeth cleaned (estimated cost $145 + any follow-up medications needed) at the vet's, and as long as he is knocked out, I am going to have them trim his nails as well. [He is one of those dogs who is an absolute terror about getting his nails clipped. I can't use cutters on him. I use a Dremel tool to grind them down but it takes forever and is a big battle of wills. In my mind, this will definitely be an extra $10 very well spent.]

At his annual exam, I found out that he has a broken molar. I would prefer not to have it extracted, and I don't want to just "let it go and see what happens," so I looked in to alternatives and found out that a root canal might be an option. I got an estimate of around $1,500 ... gasp! Since we are moving to Austin in the fall and Texas A&M has a Veterinary School where they teach veterinary dentistry, I am going to have my vet call the dental professor and see if they could perform the root canal and give me a ballpark estimate.

Oh, our 4-legged children can be expensive, can't they? Of course, they are worth every penny!

3 Responses to “Dog Expen$e$”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Yikes! I am taking my two "girls" (beagles) to the vet next Friday. Hopefully they won't need more than the usual shots! We have spent thousands on the little one.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Yes they are. When my doberman was alive, she needed surgery to her neck or otherwise would have to be put to sleep. I took her to the college vet school and they did the surgery and kept her for 3 months. (they called me every day) Total cost was $800 and well worth it.She lived two more years after that. (She was 11)

  3. moi aussi Says:

    yeah my lab is up for his annual soon. and then i am sending him for sleep over with his boarder who has a dog that he gets along very well with this weekend. so more expense there and once school starts, need to pay for weekly dog walks.!!!

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