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DH had an "Aha!" Moment

December 19th, 2007 at 04:35 pm

DH had a cute "Aha!" moment last night.

We both like to watch Suze Orman once in a while, since we do learn from her, and usually (not always, but usually) agree with what she has to say. However, DH has expressed that he sometimes finds her style a bit ... shall we say ... abrasive? I felt that way at first, but have come to realize that it's probably in part because she is a very smart / confident / outspoken woman, and in part it's just her schtick (did I spell that right?), her amped-up-for-TV persona.

Yesterday evening we were driving home and discussing a friend who just got laid off, has 4 kids & a wife to support, who has lived a pretty comfortable lifestyle, and yet apparently has almost no savings. My DH (who comes from a culture where saving is more ingrained than it is here) said, "American people spend too much. They need to save more." Then he was quiet for about half a minute, and suddenly his head popped up and his eyes widened a bit and he turned to me and said in a confident voice of realization: "Now I understand why Suze has to scream at them!"

6 Responses to “DH had an "Aha!" Moment”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:


    Looks right to me! Big Grin As for your DH's ah-ha moment, I thought it was funny.

    As for Suze, I agree with you. It's just the way she is, and frankly, I don't mind that because of the mess people get themselves into, and then become indignant when they hear an answer they don't like. That and it boost ratings. Big Grin She's certainly more interesting than trying to decipher Greenspan's congressional hearings.

    Oh, and I just your bio. I didn't realize that you guys moved to save money on housing. While it makes sense, it's just not something that many are actually willing to do. So, my hats off to the smart and willing couple. Smile

  2. luxliving Says:

    Agreed, too TOO preachy for my personal tastes, BUT, there is some good advice in her books and presentations.

    I am doing her $50 monthly for a year savings thingy w/Ameritrade right now, which should ripen to fruition of a $100 bonus right about mid-March. Thanks Suze & Ameritrade.

    Anyone else doing it?

  3. Ima saver Says:

    That was cute. My hubby does not care for suze either, but she has some good advice. I just recently found out that she was gay, so that might be why she turns off many men. (she doesn't like men)

  4. scfr Says:

    BA: Thanks for the nice compliment!

    Luxliving: Yes, I'm also doing the Suze Orman / TD Ameritrade Save Yourself deal for the $100 bonus. I should get mine a bit after you (end of March or early April), so I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see how quickly you get yours.

    Ima: Well, from what I've seen of how Suze interacts with men, I do think she likes them ... just not "in that way" Wink

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    What channel is she on? I love that Larry guy on "Big Spender" but his show only comes on once a week. I need more! :-)

  6. scfr Says:

    She's on CNBC here.

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