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2 Positives & 1 Negative = Net Gain

October 30th, 2008 at 04:20 pm

Positive Number 1 - Electric: Got our most recent electric bill in the mail today. It's back under $100 per month ... yea! (We're 100% electric) And I had hoped to not go over $150 during the hot, high A/C months, and in fact our highest bill was $129.

Positive Number 2 - Food & Bev Budget: Don't expect to have any more food & bev expenditures for October (1 day left in the month and we still have plenty of everything), so I'm prepared to declare the first month of our new food & bev budget a success, with $22 left unspent. DH is completely on-board; even tho he enjoys grocery shopping, we agreed that for the time being I need to be the one to do all of the grocery shopping ... DH has not yet learned to resist the urge to throw some sushi or deli Chinese in to the cart. We have a househunting trip coming up in a bit over a month ... I thought we might have to add a bit to the budget to cover all of our eating out at that time, but now I'm thinking that if we can leave some unspent in November as well, we'll hopefully be able to cover the meals on the trip within our regular budget.

1 Negative - Twisted Metal Mess: Yesterday when I got home from work, DH told me he thought something was wrong with the garbage disposal. I stuck my hand in and found a mess of twisted metal that used to be the removable part of our garlic press! It is beyond repair, and we use quite a bit of fresh garlic, so we will be shelling out a bit of $ to buy a replacement. Not the end of the world, but definitely an unnecessary expense of $15-20. The one we had was about 20 years old ... No doubt there have been some improvements since we bought that one!
I'm thinking about the Zyliss ... Have read good things about it, and it looks nice. Any feedback from my fellow bloggers?

(At least the disposal seems to be running fine.)

4 Responses to “2 Positives & 1 Negative = Net Gain”

  1. Loitering Says:

    Unless you've flipped the circuit breakers off or pulled the fuses, DO NOT EVER put your hand into the garbage disposal. EVER! Even with the garbage disposal switch off, an electrical surge, lightning strike, etc. could give it just enough juice to turn itself on for a few seconds. Never take unnecessary chances.

  2. Analise Says:

    I, too, have heard good things about a Zyliss. One of my DDs has one and she likes it. I have a Pampered Chef garlic press... it was a gift and it is "OK." The best feature is the little attachment that makes it easy to clean.

  3. anonymouse Says:

    I believe the Pampered Chef garlic press is made by Zyliss. The one I have from PC looks just like the one on the Zyliss website. Mine works great btw.

  4. thriftorama Says:

    Hmmm. I thought all garlic presses were similar in design. I have a basic Pampered Chef one and it does just fine, although my hand gets a cramp during pasta sauce making season in September (so many romas, so little time!)

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