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If Those Walls Could Talk

December 9th, 2008 at 06:47 am

DH & I were house hunting in San Diego over the weekend. Among the homes we visited, 2 were vacant short sale homes, and 1 we were pretty sure had been foreclosed on. When you visit a home for sale in the traditional way, you see the version of the sellers lives that they want to present to the world, and it's probably not very authentic. (Hey - when my house was for sale and there were open houses, it was spotless, cleverly decorated, every light was on, relaxing mood music was playing, there were homemade oatmeal & raisin cookies on the counter, and there was not a dog or dog dish in sight. So I know all about not authentic.) Not so with the short sales and foreclosures. No pretense there. You see the warts.

It was interesting to see what was left behind ... in addition to the dirt and grime.

One house in particular was quite sad. It was mostly cleared out, but a few very old (useless) things had been left behind. There were also some women's clothing left in the spare bedroom. It was definitely not a complete woman's wardrobe, just some odds and ends ... including a yellowed wedding dress ... I'd guess vintage late-50's or early-60's. Someone had held on to it for a long time and then just walked away from it. Under a tree in the backyard there was also a hand made garden tile (round stepping stone) with a mosaic heart ... Not the sort of thing that would have been left behind if that tile still meant something to the person who made or received it.

If only those walls could talk, I know there is a story there and I can't imagine that the ending is very happy.

7 Responses to “If Those Walls Could Talk”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Gulp. The mind starts trying to fill in a story, eh?

  2. Petunia Says:

    It sounds like the walls are talking a bit. How sad.

  3. North Georgia Gal Says:

    This is very sad! I started trying to make up the story as I read your post. These times are hard and it kind of makes you realize what other people are going through!

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    "When you visit a home for sale in the traditional way, you see the version of the sellers lives that they want to present to the world, and it's probably not very authentic."...this reminds me of a study done that says the pictures you display in your house show the version of your life you want people to think you lived.

  5. homebody Says:

    That is sad, but hopefully you will find a house you want.

  6. Analise Says:

    I can't imagine how painful it must be to lose one's home to foreclosure. Yes, if walls could talk the tale would be a tragic one, indeed.

    I do hope you can find the perfect home. You have been so patient in your search. Hopefully, not all the homes you consider will have the sad aura of the ones you described in your post.

  7. monkeymama Says:

    This reminds me of my annoyance at some of the jealousy of people with savings/reasonable mortgages about how "Easily" these people are walking away. Some of the comments of, "What do WE get for doing everything right?"

    IT has hit our city hard. I don't know anyone in a foreclosure who is happy with their situation - there is a lot of heartache.

    We get to keep our homes! & our dignity. Yeesh.

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