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Housing Decision Made + Holidays + Pet Talk

December 18th, 2008 at 07:41 pm

1. Short-term housing decision made: We are putting the house purchase off for at least a year (maybe longer). We are deferring the decision of where to buy. We are hunkering down to live in an apartment (here in Austin) for the time being. We are going to move to a 2BR within the same complex; a 1BR has been fine for the short-term, but now that we are looking at longer term, it is important that DH get a room for his office. We have selected the unit, and are just waiting to hear back from the office on the details. We'll hopefully be signing the paperwork tomorrow, and might be moving before the end of the year.

2. Christmas: For years now, our giving has been at what I call a "sustainable" level. Like so many of you, it has not been extravagent, so we have not had to cut back. I did do a couple things a bit differently this year that I am happy about.

Cards: I cut back on the number I sent. I bought only 1 small box of 18 cards, and I took the time to handwrite a personal note (short letter) with each instead of just 1 scribbled sentence. I decided to go for quality, not quantity.

Gift Wrap: As part of my gift to my sister's family, I got some really cool reusable fabric gift wrap w/ attached ribbon (from Etsy) to wrap my niece & nephew's gifts in. My sis is really in to things that are reusable, not disposable, so I know she'll appreciate it and get many many uses out of it for years to come. Our late grandmother used to reuse some Japanese rice paper as gift wrap over & over again, and she somehow learned to wrap and tie a bow without using a single piece of tape, so as not to ruin the paper. We kids never did figure out how she did that ... we thought she was like a magician. I think grandma would approve of our new family tradition, reusable fabric gift wrap.

3. If You Have Been Thinking About Getting A Pet: (Shout out to baselle! Good for you for planning to adopt that homeless cat!) For the rest of you, especially those of you who are planning to adopt a pet "someday" ... There are some good dogs and cats out there in the shelters and with the rescue groups right now that could really use a good home. There always are and always will be animals in need of adoption, but right now, with the economy being so tough, there is really a need for good adoptive "pet parents." Y'all know I do volunteer work, and it probably won't surprise anyone who actually reads this blog to learn that it is working with a small and very dedicated, 100% volunteer-run dog welfare organization. We do a variety of dog-related things, but dog fostering and adoption is part of it. There are always sad stories, but when someone surrenders a nice dog because they can't afford pet food anymore ... it really is very sad. It's happening guys.
(Sorry to end on a depressing note. I guess I should try to end on a positive note by adding that there are still a lot of great people out there who ARE adopting animals ... hooray for them!)

7 Responses to “Housing Decision Made + Holidays + Pet Talk”

  1. baselle Says:

    Shout out back to you, scfr. I have been reading so many stories about pets trapped in foreclosed houses over the summer and fall, and it got me thinking that DH and I have a lot of love, pet experience, and most of all, excess capacity. My worry is if our vet finds an owner's chip.

  2. scfr Says:

    baselle - That is so great. Your timing is really good; as you said, there is such a need right now.

    Re the microchip: Even if the cat does have a chip, don't panic! When I took my (adopted) dog in to get a chip put in, the vet scanned him and he already had one! My heart sank. The vet couldn't read the chip (didn't have the right equipment for that brand), so I had to wait until I could get to the Humane Society to get the chip read. (Yes, the thought of not going did cross my mind, but only briefly. It was one of those moments when I really had to suck it up and do right thing.) Got the chip number from the Humane Society, called the chip manufacturer, and found out that the "owner" had never registered the chip. Got the name of the vet who chipped the dog tho'. Called the vet and found out the chip was put in at the request of a lady who rescues strays ... WHEW! Apparently, when my dog was turned over to the organization I adopted him from, the info about the chip did not get passed along ... or maybe it just did not get passed along to me. In any case, the dog was still 100% mine (no little child somewhere crying themselves to sleep each night because their beloved doggie was lost), and I didn't have to pay for the microchip ... just had to pay the one-time registration fee.

    We had a happy ending.

  3. Amber Says:

    Fabric gift wrap, I have never seen those before. I have heard so many stories of people giving up their pets, it really is sad

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Glad to hear you're staying in Texas Smile
    I'd love to adopt a pet or two or three . . my future is so up in the air I don't think now is a good time. If I end up staying in TX, I probably will go ahead and get one or two cats. If I go out to CA, I've been told that I would be able to have a cat. So, by this summer I should have at least one cat! Smile

  5. Koppur Says:

    It's so hard for us not to give in and get a 3rd cat! But I know 2 is enough for now, plus not many places are OK when you rent letting you have more than 2 cats. Good luck signing the paper on the new apt!

  6. scfr Says:

    Koppur - Bless you, I think you have all you can handle right now taking care of yourself, your boyfriend, and your 2 cats!

  7. MB Says:

    Getting a pet from a shelter or rescue is a great idea! Most times you will get a happy, healthy pet that will become a member of your family for years to come. Just make sure you are ready for the commitment of having a new pet.

    It is so sad that people are leaving their pets behind ...

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