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Be It Ever So Humble ...

June 8th, 2009 at 09:06 pm

Since my last post, guess what DH & I did? We closed on our new house and moved!

For anyone who doesn't know the story, this has been a long time coming. We sold our house in the Seattle area over 3 years ago, and have been living in rentals both in Seattle and in Austin ever since, waiting for what felt like the right time in the market and the right house.

I can't tell you how nice it is to be back in a place that we own!

The first time we drove by the house it was literally one of those "Honey - Stop the Car!" moments that you hear about.

Is it possible to be in love with a room? If so, I may be in love with our new kitchen:

This picture is rather stark without any furniture or pictures, but I wanted to show the curved walk-throughs, which is one feature I really like. (I like soft curved things rather than just hard corners.)

These are old pictures that we took when househunting. I would have liked to have posted some newer ones, but my camera is still in a box. Smile

At one point in the process (just before signing off on our contract), DH started getting a bit of cold feet. There are homes in the same neighborhood that are built by lower quality builders that of course sell for less per square foot. DH started thinking we should go for "lowest cost per square foot" and get a bigger house, but at that point I really put my foot down and rather insisted that quality was much more important. It may be a "smaller" house (at least compared to the others), but I know we will save not only money but also time & aggravation in the long run. It's an Energy Star and green built certified home, so we will save on our energy bills. With the quality of the materials, we should end up needing to repair or replace things much later. I hope Ima Saver will be proud of me for insisting on quality! (I'm not saying it's the quality of a custom home that Ima's husband would build ... it's not, not by a long stretch!)

Closing was a dream. Took all of 30 minutes.

The first thing I did after getting home from the closing was file our property tax appeal. The deadline to file was June 1st so procrastination was not an option!

Moving was fine, but boy were DH & I tired by the time we were done! I have told DH in no uncertain terms that this is absolutely the LAST DIY move for us. Fortunately, there really wasn't a lot of furniture (just our bed and a couple chairs and a small dressers & side tables). If we ever move again, we will just have to hire movers. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if this were our last move EVER (until we move to the retirement center or wherever we end up in our old age).

We continue to stimulate the economy with house related purchases. In addition to the appliances blogged about previously (fridge, washer & dryer), we have purchased a carpet cleaner, a lawn mower, and garage floor liner. I've also ordered a shower caddy & a sofa.

Bless Discover's fraud department --- Usually I only buy gas on that card, so when the garage floor liner was purchased, they immediately called me about "suspicious activity." Nice to know someone's looking out for me!