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Family Visit = Will be FUN (and a bit overwhelming)

September 4th, 2009 at 03:25 pm

I've mentioned that my in-laws were planning to come for a visit. FIL just got the go-ahead from his doctor, so it's official, they are coming in November.

I think I mentioned that a few aunties & uncles decided to tag along, so we were expecting a group of 4-5.

Last night DH told me that another couple relatives decided to tag along as well, so now we're up to 6-7 visitors ... for 3 weeks! Big Grin

The good news? This will be FUN! The more the merrier. I am so glad that they are seizing the day and making the trip. This will be the last trip overseas for FIL, and the other relatives would never come alone, so I think they realized that it's now or never. These are all senior citizens, and for several of them it will be their first (and quite possibly last) trip out of their country.

The bad news? I am not equipped for a household of 9 adults. I am going to have to buy things I had not planned on buying, such as another air mattress, bedding, towels, slippers, eating utensils, etc. And renting a passenger van is the only option with that many people and all of their luggage and only 1 driver (DH while I'm at work) ... that's not cheap (I called several places today to get an idea of price ... we're talking $2K plus tax not to mention the gas). I had budgeted $4K for this visit (DH will be visiting various cities around the country with them so we will have those expenses in addition to housing & feeding & transporting), but clearly that is not going to be enough.

You'd better believe I will be keeping an eye out starting now for bargains and stocking up on "essentials" such as TP, etc. If we're going to be spending over $2K just on transportation alone, we better save a couple bucks anywhere we can.

While the thought of having 7 international visitors staying in my house on top of working is a bit overwhelming, I must remind myself that the most important thing is to give these family members a wonderful stay that will provide them with happy memories for the rest of their lives.

Breathe ... plan ... breathe ... plan ... breathe ... work the plan ...

2 Responses to “Family Visit = Will be FUN (and a bit overwhelming)”

  1. Analise Says:

    With your kind and positive attitude, I have no doubt they will have a wonderful and memorable visit. You might be eligible for group discounts at some places, but at least you should be able to use the "senior" discounts.

    Last year, a group of relatives visited us for about a week. Since our condo is small, we could only accommodate 4 and the other 7 stayed at a nearby hotel. Fortunately, they drove up from LA in a rented a 14-passenger van. We had such a blast touring SF and local attractions in the van, so it is a great idea (expensive but worth it).

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Enjoy the visit!

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