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Where Does the Time Go?

December 27th, 2009 at 09:25 am

Can NOT believe it's been a month since I last posted. Here's a bit of what I've been up to and some news.

- This year the non-profit I volunteer with did giftwrapping as a fundraiser for the first time. I suggested we do it, and I was in charge. We held 2 public events at malls plus I did private wrapping in my home as well. It was a success not only in terms of money raised but also increasing our visibility in the community. We're going to expand our efforts next year. I have already started preparinging for 2010 ... I hit Target & Sam's Club early on the 26th to stock up on lots of holiday wrap on clearance for next year.

This year was the first time EVER I have gotten up early to shop the day after Christmas sales.

- Not only did I get giftwrapping supplies, I also bought holiday decorations for our house. We sold almost all of our holiday decorations before we moved to Texas. Being in a new house, it was REALLY hard not to buy things before Christmas to decorate, but with much encouragement from DH I sat on my hands until the 26th. I'm not one who goes crazy decorating, but I do like to do a bit to make the place look festive. I spent $54 on decorations plus $5 for a red tablecloth that I can use not only at Christmas. I went ahead and put up the indoor decorations so we can enjoy them until New Year's!

- My fall veggie garden was a total failure! Only the chives grew to where we could eat them, and even they were just a tiny handful. Bah. So glad I did not dig up part of the yard to make it! I still have seeds so I will try again in the spring, but I will not buy any soil ... I will try to improve my herb-growing techniques since that is the one area where I did have a little success, but the okra/green onions/lettuce I'll just plant them in the ground in various places around the garden beds and if nothing makes it I will just chalk it up as a learning experience. (A friend here who is an avid gardener refers to the dirt in new developments as the "red dirt of death" ... sounds like a great excuse for my failure ... I'll take it.)

- In other financial news, we have started toying around with the idea of buying a 2nd house as an investment property (vacation rental). It's a scary-exciting thing to think about. We're still in the "thinking" (not doing) stage.

- Our vulture instincts must be alive & well because we are suddenly thinking of making our 2nd car (which we have continued to shop for but have yet to pull the trigger on) a Saab. It's not a make that was even on our radar several months ago, but now that they are on "about-to-be-defunct clearance" we thought they were worth at least taking a look at.

- The Treasury has another round of auctions next week, but I think we're going to stay on the sidelines.

Here's an interesting (tho slightly depressing) link for you fellow savers:

Text is http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/26/your-money/26rates.html?scp=1&sq=saving&st=cse and Link is

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

5 Responses to “Where Does the Time Go?”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    We have missed you!

  2. baselle Says:

    I read that lack of interest rate over coffee. I'm feeling it personally - 200K results in $7/month of interest in Vanguard. (I'm one of those people who has cash on the sidelines.)

  3. boomeyers Says:

    My daughter and I go "after Christmas shopping" each year and I get my shopping started for the next Christmas. Two things that surprised me this year were, 1) Lack of big crowds and 2) Lack of good deals. Seems the stores kept their inventory pretty low, therefore less to put on sale. Oh well!

  4. Analise Says:

    Glad to hear all is well.

    I will pass along the fundraising idea to DD2 who is an avid volunteer at her local humane society.

    My 3.10 rate at
    Text is Alliant Credit Union and Link is http://www.alliantcreditunion.org/depositsinvestments/certificates/
    Alliant Credit Union is looking better and better! I opened my account after getting a tip from monkeymama.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Jerry Says:

    I would totally look at a SAAB if the demise of the company puts them on special clearance, or something! I have had several friends who loved theirs. Insurance and repairs were not cheap, but that may change with the company going down...

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