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Minor Investment Shifts

April 10th, 2013 at 06:50 pm

Had the day off today so did a little financial housekeeping:

- Issued a purchase order for I-Bonds through Treasury Direct (had to transfer funds to my linked bank account first).

- Made a minor adjustment to the allocations on my 401K. Shifted to a very slightly more conservative mix.* (A few days ago I had done the same with my IRA accounts at Vanguard.)

*I'm really not happy with the investment choices in my 401K. I've been contemplating doing something kind of crazy and writing to the Committee within the company that Administers the Plan and let them know how I feel. My number one complaint is the lack of transparency in the Stable Value Fund. How can I as a plan member know if the "safe haven" offering really is safe? I don't expect the Committee to actually listen to what one lowly employee has to say, but I just may write to them anyway. Crazy, right?

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