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American Airlines Award CC update

April 9th, 2015 at 03:03 pm

Spending $3K in 3 months is going to be easy. I have already charged the following bills: annual homeowner's insurance, quarterly trash, and monthly propane. We also charged 3 yards of river rock to be delivered for our DIY re-landscaping project. We're now at just a little under $1K charged; over half of that was the homeowner's insurance.

We don't have a mortgage so we pay homeowner's insurance once a year instead of as part of our monthly mortgage payment.

Going for this bonus is showing me how many bills I could have paid by c.c. for rewards instead of using on-line bill pay (or check). Nothing I have charged has a service fee associated with using a c.c.

To borrow a page from creditcardfee's book, I must caution that using credit cards for the bonuses is a good idea only if you have the money to pay the balance in full each month, and if you use the card only to pay for things that you would have been paying for or buying anyway.