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I Guess I'm Really Old

July 5th, 2015 at 10:20 am

I saw a job posting that said that employees must adhere to the strict office policy about not using social media during work hours. I assume the company had problems with this in the past or they wouldn't have felt a need to include it in their job listing.

I guess I'm really old and/or old-fashioned because I can't imagine using my work time for any personal "business" unless it was of a true emergency nature (and then I'd tell my boss and co-workers so they knew what was going on). I keep my cell phone on mute at work and check it only at the end of the day or on my break, never on company time. I'm on Facebook but only check it from home.

I have noticed that people are sneaking peeks at their cell phones more often at work. And when I used to go in to people's homes for my work I would often notice the cleaning crews chatting on their phones.

I feel sorry for employers who feel they must be the "Twitter police."

Note to employers: This is one area where you probably won't have to babysit the 50+ crowd . . . yet another reason to give us a shot at that job!