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Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!

June 28th, 2016 at 11:42 am

Over the weekend I visited Costco for the first time since they stopped accepting AmEx and started taking Visa only. DH has an airline rewards Visa that I borrowed.

Our AmEx Blue Cash pays 6% cash back on groceries and 1% cash back on everything else. We use it for groceries and we used to use it at Costco. For everything else, we use our Citi Double Cash back card (2% cash back on everything). On our latest AmEx Blue Cash Preferred statement, there was a notice that the annual fee is increasing from $75 to $95.

So, it was time to research credit cards and think about changing things up.

I pulled up our 2015 spending totals on the AmEx card. Assuming our spending patterns for 2016 are similar to what they were in 2015, we are still around $100 "ahead" by keeping the AmEx, using it for groceries only, and paying the $95 annual fee. So we're keeping it instead of cancelling.

As far as Costco, we need to decide between continuing to use DH's airline reward fee or getting the new Costco Visa (which pays 2% cash back on Costco purchases. DH is our household's "mileage guy" so I'm going to let him make that call. He asked for one day to think about it.

2 Responses to “Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    Bummer about the fee increase! Without looking at it or doing the math, I am guessing we will still come out far ahead with the AmEx.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Too bad about the fee increase.

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