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Half.com Question

February 9th, 2007 at 09:06 am

As part of our pre-location purge I am selling books and CDs on half.com.

I have had 2 buyers who apparently buy many books every day (we're talking hundreds). One of them has now bought from me twice, and had the books shipped to different people at different addresses, each time with a note "no invoice please." I think these people must be somehow simultaneously buying my book & re-selling it to another person.

Anyone of you smart people know how they are doing that?

2 Responses to “Half.com Question”

  1. kimiko Says:

    Never have that happen to me before. That's quite strange though. I mean, unless they're making a huge profit from the simutaneous resell, they'll be losing quite a bit of money doing it this way. If they listed items they don't have, all they have to do is issue a refund. Looks weird. Plus, if you ship to a different address, won't that cause problem later on if they complain about it?

  2. Gailete Says:

    They are drop shipper sellers. Most don't carry any inventory. They set their prices higher than other. People who think that unless something is high priced it isn't worth it, won't buy from someone selling cheap, will buy from them and they in turn buy from you. Their only expense is buying ( I would suppose) the cheapest copy available and having you ship it (no actual postage costs for them) to their buyer. Technically they can't list a book on any of the big book sellers marketplaces unless they have it in physical inventory, but there are always guys who spend more time trying to cheat than how to run an honest deal.

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