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Gardening DRIPS

July 12th, 2007 at 04:50 pm

Since my $20 garden challenge finally got back in the black, I went out and bought one final packet of seeds with my positive balance. I hope that will help boost my total for the year by a bit in addition to giving us some more yummy homegrown produce (and some sorely needed variety). It is a Salad Greens micro greens mix that is supposed to take only 2-3 weeks to harvest. I planted about 1/3 of the packet, and will do a couple more plantings over the next few weeks to space things out; I'm aiming for a final harvest approximately 1-2 weeks before my September 30th move.

What was really neat about choosing the seeds was how my attitude has changed since I started this challenge. In the past I would gaze longingly at seeds and think: "I could never grow that." When I was starting the challenge I thought: "Okay - These look pretty dummy-proof. I'll give them a try." This time around I found myself thinking: "Oooh ... That looks interesting ... I could try this ... and this ... and this ... If only I had the time and land. Maybe after I get my house in Texas ..." I feel much bolder about trying different things, because I know that even if not everything I try is a success, at least enough of the things I plant will grow to make the overall effort worthwhile (just like investing, eh?)

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  1. ceejay74 Says:

    How fun! I just started gardening this year, on my balcony and in a tiny community plot I rented for $20. Even though I've made some mistakes and my total harvest will be very small, I'm amazed at how quickly you learn just from trial and error! I'm not discouraged at all and plan to do better next year. :-)

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