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Counting Down

August 7th, 2007 at 08:06 am

Yesterday was a milestone in my 2 major countdowns:
- Exactly 4 weeks until my final client visit (I'll still have some "wrap up" work to do after that, but won't be making any more money from my business)
- Exactly 8 weeks until we depart for Austin

Add to that a broken fridge/freezer, dealing with some tax stuff from DH's business, trying to plan a couple of trips, planning a good-bye party and final visit from Mom & brother, plus starting to get the "we want to get together with you before you leave" invites and I'll admit that I've begun to feel a bit overwhelmed. I made long lists of the things I need to do, and am working on a master calendar. Once everything is laid out in front of me I'll probably still feel a bit overwhelmed but much more able to cope.

I decided to do the following to help cope as well:
- I am no longer tracking the $$$ amount of my pre-relocation sell off. I already exceeded my goal of $3,000, the amounts I'm making now are relatively small (no more furniture), and the most important thing at this point is that I "just get 'er done" rather than tracking the results. I'll probably do a final rough estimate, but no longer feel the need to input everytime I sell a book through Half.com
- I am going to gather up the things I still want to list on Ebay and take them off to a Trading Post and let them sell everything for me. Yes, they'll take a big chunk as their commission, but once again at this stage in the game the main thing is to "get 'er done."
- DH is going to get hit with a great big "Honey Do" list when he returns from his business trip on Wednesday. On previous moves, pretty much all he has had to do was show up on moving day to load and drive the truck. Not this time! Smile

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